THE BRAGG HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Promotes Super Health and Longevity

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle consists of eating a diet of 60% to 70% fresh,live,organically grown foods;raw vegetables,salads,fresh fruits;sprouts,raw seeds and raw nuts;all-natural 100% whole-grain breads,pastas,cereals and nutritious beans and legumes,These are the no cholesterol,no fat,”live foods” which combine to make up the body fuel that creates healthy,lively people that want to exercise and be fit.This healthy diet also creates energy.This is the reason people become revitalized and reborn into a fresh new life filled with joy,health,vitality,youthfulness and longevity!
There are millions of healthy Bragg followers around the world proving Bragg Healthy Lifestyle works miracles!


If you want more health,energy and a longer life,yo will have to plan,plot and start creating,becoming and shaping your life!Look ahead.Have firm plans for living your life!
Actually envision your future.You may change those plans and visions,but have them you must!Your creative force deep within you must reach out toward a brighter future if you want to become one with the healthy flow for an exciting.fulfilling life! Your entire mind and being will be super energized in the process to go for your future goals and dreams.

Morning Prayer For Strengh and Loving Guidance

I will this day live a simple,sincere and serene life;repelling promptly every though of impurity,discontent,anxiety,fear,and discouragement! I will cultivate health,cheerfulness,happiness,charity and the love of brotherhood; exercising economy in expenditure,generosity in giving,carefulness in conversation and diligence in appointed service.I pledge fidelity to every trust and a childlike faith in God.I will be faithful in those habits of prayer ,study,work,nutrition,physical exercise,deep breathing and good posture.I shall fast for a 24 hours period each week,eat only healthy foods and get sufficient sleep each night.I will make every effort to improve myself physically.
Mentally,emotionally and spiritually every day of my life.


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