ACV Helps Banish Stiffness From Body

You will find,after several months of the ACV and honey coctail taken 3 times daily – that the stiffness and misery will be gone from your joints and body.You will discovery you can walk or run up stairs without any effort and pain.Follow Natural Healthy Laws.You will notice that you look act and feel younger! Make The Bragg Healthy lifestyle a life-long daily habit! Over the years we have seen many stiff-jointed.prematurely old people transform themselves into new,youthful,healthy people! We can’t do it for you! You must Make the effort to give Apple Cider Vinegar and The Bragg  Healthy Lifestyle a chance to prove what it  can do for you!


WISH HEALTH ADVISE FROM DR.DEAN ORNISH: We tend to think of advances in medicine as being new drug,new surgical technique,new laser,something high-tech and expensive,We often have a hard time believing the simple choices we make each day in our diet and lifestyle can make such a powerful difference in the quality and quantity of our lives,but they most often do.My health program consists of four main parts: exercise,nutrition,stress menagements,love and support.These promote not only living longer,but living better.

The body must obey your strong,wise mind.FLesh is dumb!
You can put anything in your stomach from coffee to hot dogs.It is not the stomach that rules the body,but your intelligent and reasoning mind! A properly-directed mind can inspire the body to faithfully follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle,thereby helping in the body to become closer to physical healthy perfection.

If famillies could be induced to substitute healthy organic apples,sound,ripe and luscious,in place of white sugar,white flour pies,cakes,candies and other sweets with which children are too often stuffed,then doctors’ bills would diminish sufficiently enough in a year to pay for a whole seasons’s eating pleasure of delicious,healthy apples.

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