The Wonderful External Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar For SunBurns

  • Windburn,Sunburn and chapping (prevention):
    coat the exposed skin with a mixture of 50/50 ACV and Bragg Organic Olive Oil mixture.When in the weather elements,carry this mixture along in a small bottle.
  • For sunburn relief: gently pat undiluted ACV on skin ACV compress.Leave ACV on to help prevent blistering and peeling.For all-over sunburns,pour cup ACV in warm bath water.then enjoy healing soak.After soaking,genlty dry body,then pat ACV directly to needed areas.Wait 5 minutes,then pat on aloe vera gel.

ACV for Lice,Insect Stings and Bites

  • Mosquito bites,insect bites,bee strings,scabies,head lice and jellyfish stings: ACV helps stop pain and itching and neutralizes their venom! Use straight ACV on affected areas or diluted ACV compress as needed.

ACV For Hemorrhoids and Rectal Itching

  • Hemorrhoids and rectal itching: soak cotton ball in ACV or with hazel and gently press into area for relief.

ACV for Yeast,Ringworm & Fungus Problems

  • Yeast,fungus and ringworm infections:apply 50/50 solution ACV and distilled water topically on affected skin.
  • Athlete’s Foot,Toenail Fungus,Jock itch: soak affected area in 50/50 mixture of ACV and lukewarm water for 10-30minutes twice daily.Also try adding 2 Tbsps.salt to water.After treatment,rinse,dry completely,dust area with cornstrach.
  • Mouth Thrush:gargle every 3 hours with 1 tsp.ACV in half glass of warm water,Also slowly drink warm Bragg ACV drink morning and night.
  • Genital areas or diaper rash: swab affected area carefully 3 times daily with solution of 1 Tbsp.Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 quart warm distilled water.
    Treatments for all yeast and fungus infections should continue for at least 10 days or until symptoms dissipate.

Vinegar Bandages Stop Bleeding & Infection

  • For minor cuts and abrasions: Healing is faster and there is less chance of infection if you swab areas daily with ACV(perfect disinfectant and healer).ACV also helps stop bleeding by helping the blood to clot.Soak a cotton ball in ACV and press on abrasions until bleeding stops.
    Studies show that vinegar soaked bandages quickly stop bleeding and prevent infection.The U.S. Army is currently testing these new bandages where urgency is so important to save lives! Dad and i have had many miracle healings with vinegar for burns,cuts,bites,stings,infections, thousands of our readers have.


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