Faith and Vision Create Miracles

When you begin to believe you can be what your inner vision tells you that you can become – that’s when you’re inspired.When you no longer see your weaknesses.
– but your strengths – then you discover the power and ability to do things you never dreamed of doing before!

During your daily meditation and prayer you must forget your inadequaices and reash inside to find your strenght – it’s there! See yourself as who you want to be.
Paint a vivid picture in your mind.Concentrate on that image in your meditation and prayer times and carry it with you daily.By following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.
you are woking with God and Mother Nature,powers higher than yourself! You are then living by inspiration,one of the most tremendous forces in this great universe!
There is great truth in the Biblical statement that says:

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength:They shall mount up with wings as eagles: They shall run,and not be weary: And they shall walk,and not faint.


Those happy,healthy,strong and vigorous people – those people who accomplish greatness – all those of faith.posses a deep spiritual philosophy.They believe that their lives are protected by a Power greater than their own.They believe there is a destiny which guides their lives.
Nothing can thwart them! Following the Eternal Laws of God and Mother Nature they can accomplish great things!

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