ACV Cleanser and Toner for Skin Problems

To open pores and loosen dirt and grease from your face,turn off heat under pan of e603fb31ab5ee488104bdad2ddf7f97a.jpgsteaming ACV water (3 tbsp,ACV to quart distilled/purified water.) Steam face over pan and use towel draped over head to trap steam.After pat ACV on face with cotton ball to remove loosened dirt.Repeat steaming and cleansing twice.Then gently squeeze out any white/blackheads.Then pat or spray on chilled ACV toner (50% ACV & 50% distilled water mixture,keep in refrigerator) to close pores and tone skin.Do steam cleansing weekly,as needed.Another excellent skin healer is aloe gel or try fresh aloe vera cactus pulp.Cut off 1 inch of aloe vera rib,slit open and rub yellowish pulp directly on skin.We grow our own aloe plants – you can grow them in pots also.Aloe is great healer gently dab on burns,pimples,sores,bites,etc

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