JUICE FAST-Introduction to Water Fast

Fasting  has been rediscovered through juice fasting 
– as a simple,easy means of cleansing and restoring health and vitality.To fast (abstain from hood) comes from the Old English word fosten or to hold firm.It’s means to commit oneself to the task of finding onner strength through body,mind and soul cleansing .Throughout history the world’s greatest philosophers and sages,including Socrates.Plato,Buddha and Gandhi,and Jesus have enjoyed fasting and preached its benefits.


Juice-Blender bars are springing up everywhere and juice fasting has become “in” with theatrical crowd in Hollywood.New York and London.The number of Starts who believe in the power and effectiveness of juice and water fasting is growing.A partial list includes: Steven Spielberg,Barbra Streisand,Kim Basinger,Daryl Hannah,Katy Perry, Bette Midler.Christle Brinkly and Cloris Leachman.They say fasting helps balance their lives physically,mentally,spiritually and emotionally.

Although a pure water fast is best,an introductory liquid juice fast can offer people an ideal epportunity to give their intestinal systems a restful,cleansing relief from the commercial high fat,high sugar,high salt and high protein fast foods too many Americans exist on.

Organic,raw,fruit and vegetable Juices can be purchased fresh from Health Food imagesStores.You can also prepare these healthy juices yourself using a juicer or blender.When juice fasting.it’s best to dilute juice with 1/3 distilled water.This list give you many combination ides.With vegetable and tomato juices try adding dash of Bragg Aminos,ACV Blend or Sprinkle or on non-fast days,even some green powder
(alfaalfa,barley,chlorella,spirullina,etc.) to create a delicious,nutrutious powerful health drink ! When using herbs in these drinks,use 1 to 2 fresh leaves or pinch of Bragg Sprinkle (24 herbs and spices ) or pinch of Bragg Help (seaweed) rich in protein, iodine and iron – both are delicious with vegetables juices.


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