Apple Cider Vinegar for Female Troubles

For healthier vagina,use ACV healing douches and baths when needed.ACV pH acidity is same as vagina’s.

  • Douche Mixture: 3 tbsps ACV to 2 quarts warm purified water is cleansing and healing! if discharge,yeast infection or vaginitis is present,use 1-2 x daily as needed.
  • Bath: Add 2 cups ACV to water. Sitz-Bath : Add 1 cup.
  • To help with Hot Flashes,PMS,UTI: Drink Apple Cider Vinegar cocktail 3-5 times daily,
  • To shrink,tighten or tone flabby stomach muscles: 
    Daily do Kegel and Bragg Posture Exercise.Fast 1 day weekly, and do exercise faithfully.Eat daily delicious Bragg Raw Organic Vegetable Salad.
Before and After using ACV

Temporary Relief Of Pain Associated with Menstrual Cramps: At onset of pain apply a compress prepared as follows: Soak washcloth in solution of 1 cup ACV and 1 cup warm water.Rink out cloth,place on abdamen,then put hot water bottle on top of compress and cover with towel 15-30 minutes,repeat as needed.

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