Massage & Aromatherapy

Works two ways; the essence (aroma) relaxes, as does healing massage. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and barks.

These are usually massaged into skin, inhaled or used in a bath to help the body relaxm soothe and heal. The oils, used for centuries to treat numerous ailments, are revitalizing and energizing for the body and mind. Example: Tiger balm, MSM, echinacea and arnica help relieve muscle aches. ( Avoid  skin creams and lotions with mineral oil- it clogs the skin’s pores. )

Use these natural oils for the skin: almond, avocado and i use Organic Olive Oil and mix with aromatix essential oils: rosemary, levender, rose, jasmine, sandalwood or lemon-balm, etc.


You can be your own best massage therapist, even if you have only one good hand. Near-miraculos health improvements have been achieve by victims of accidents or strokes in bringing life back to afflicted parts of their own bodies by self-massage and even vibrators.

Treatnebts can be day or night, almost cntinual. Self-massage also helps achieve relaxation at day’s end. Families and friends can learn and exhange massages: it’s a wonderful sharing experience.

Remember, babies love and thrive with daily massages, start from birth.


Japanese massage form aplies pressure from fingers, hands, elbows and even knees along the same points as acupuncture.

Shiatsu originated in Japan and traditional Chinese medicine, and has been widely practiced around the world since 1970s. Shiatsu has been used in Asia for centuries to relieve pain, common ills, muscle stress and to aid lymphatic circulation.’


An important health support system for professional and amateur athletes. Sport massage improves circulation and mobilit to injured tissue, enables athletes to recover more rapidly from my ofascial injury, reduces muscle soreness and chronic strain patterns.

Soft tissues are freed of trigger points and adhesions, thus contributing to improvement of peak neuromuscular functioning and athletic perfomance.


One of the oldest and the most popular and widely used massage techniques. This deep body massage soothes and promotes healthy circulation and is a great way to loosen and relax tight muscles before and after exercise.

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