Your Energy is Your Body’s Spark Plug

Your Energy comes from the spark of life,which is maintained by the atomic energy contained within every single cell of the human body.It embodies electrons,protons and neutrons.They are constantly discharging their ionic compounds as energy is expended in work or play,whether mental or physical,in accordance with natural laws.This energy loss must be replaced.Every cell in your body is like a battery that,when run down,must be recharged! Primarilymthis is done through the intake of food,proper breathing,rest and exercise  which helps recharge your billions of cells!


Now,there are two kinds of food:The first is in a low rate of health vibration. sadly,like fast junk foods we mentioned: the processed,chemicalized,dead foods,as in refined white flour and sugars,etc.It’s impossible to have a youthful,dynamic body when,year after feed it food and drinks with a low rate of vibration.

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