Millions Suffer from Premature Ageing

There are millions in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are,sad i say,prematurely old biologically.Yet there are many in their 70s, 80s and 90s who are biologically,healthy and happy! The second half of life is best!

In our opinion,if you are experiencing premature ageing,you are suffering from a highly toxic condition and from unnecessary nutritional deficiencies.These are the main causes of most human troubles.The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle will show you how to banish these vicious enemies.From this minute on,stop living by calendar years! Just forget your birthdays,as we do.All of us are reborn every second of the day as new body cells are being constantly created.


Cease this talk of getting old! From this minute on you will have no age except your biological age and this you aare going to control.Every day say to yourself….

NOTE: I Will Stay Healthy,Youthful,Active and Happy!

Say it repeatedly,burn it deeply into your mind and it will sparkle all your days for your entire long happy life!
Most people have a dreadful fear of getting old.They picture themselves half bilnd,hearing impaired.with  teeth and hair gone ,energy and vitality spent or senile.They see themselves as a burden to their family and friends.They envision themselves in a nursing home alone,forgotten,maybe with Alzheimer’s disease.


Despite the fear of old age and the train of ailments that go with it,you can prevent this human tragedy!
You can skip this terrible period by changing how you live from this day forward! Today is the day to prepare against becoming senile and decrepit! That’s why I urge you to follow the Wise Laws of God and Mother Nature.
You will grow younger as you live longer! That is what this Bragg Health Program is all about: The preservation of your  precious vital health for a long. Fulfilled life!

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