WARNING! – Avoid All Microwaved Foods Beware – They are Unhealthy!

In the past 40 years(health destroying) microwaves have practically replaced traditional no-microwavemethods of cooking,especially with on-the-go people of today’s world.But how much do you really know about them!
Are they no more than timesaving machines for cooking?A Swiss Study found that which is microwaved is not the food it was before! The microwave radiation deforms and destroys the molecular structure of the food-creating radiolytic compounds! When microwaved food is eaten,abnormal changes then occur in your blood and immune systems! These include a decrease in hemoglobin and white blodd cell counts and increase in cholesterol levels! An article in Pediatrics Journal warns microwaving human milk damages the anti-infective properties it usually gives to a mother’s baby. Recent work being done at University of Warwick in Great Britain warns that microwave radiation is damaging to vital electromagnetic activity of human life vibrations. Over 20 years ago Russia established wise microwave radiation limits more stringent than United States and Great Britian! Beware please don’t use microwaves!!

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