Don’t Cross Your Legs – it’s Unhealthy

When sitting never cross your legs ! Under the knees run two of the largest arteries,called popliteal arteries carrying nourishing blood to the muscles below the knees and to nerves in the feet.You immediately cut down the blood flow to a trickle when you cross your legs.

When the muscles of the legs and knees are not nourished and don’t have good circulation,then the extremities stagnate, which can lead to varicose veins and other health problems. Look at the ankles of people age 40 and over who have the habit of crossing their legs.Note the broken veins and capillaries! When muslces and feet do not get their full supply of blood,the feet become weak and poor circulation sets in.Cold feet usually torment in the leg-crosser

A well-known heart specialist was asked, “When do most people have a heart attack?” front-view-of-woman-sitting-in-chair-with-legs-cro-332895.jpgHe answered, “At a time they are sitting quietly with one leg crossed over the other.” When you sit,plant both feet squarely on floor,or foot stool or box if needed.
Crossing legs puts unnecessary burden on you heart!

People who are habital leg-crossers have more acid crystals stored in the feet than those who never cross their legs! Crossing legs is one of the worst postural habits of man.It throws the hips ,spine and head off balance and it’s the most common cause of chronic backaches.headaches and varicose veins.Be kind to your body- Please don’t cross your legs.You can break this bad habit.

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