Foods That Raise and Lower Cholesterol

Foods That Usually Lower Cholesterol

  • Seeds (Flax,chia,salba,psyllium)
  • Soluble fiber (beans,peas,legumes,lentils)
  • Wild salmon,wild sardines
  • Steel-cut oats
  • Avocado,olive oil
  • Walnuts,almonds,cashews
  • Garlic

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Foods That Typically Raise Cholesterol

  • Fried foods
  • Wheat,bread,bagels,white pasta,pretzels
  • Processed corn (tortillas,corn chips,corn flour)
  • Trans fats (margarine,cake icing,donuts,Bisquick Original)
  • Ice cream,non-dairy creamer,cheese,butter,whole milk
  • Ground beef,bacon,sausage,hot dogs,saturated fats (marbled and fatty meats)
  • Processed foods (pasteries,cookies,microwave popcorn)


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