( IMPORTANT FOR YOUR LIFE ) Avoid These Processed,Rafined,Harmful Foods:


Once you relize the harm caused to your body by unhealthy refined,chemicalized,deficient foods,you’ll want to eliminate “killer” foods:

  • Refined sugar,artificial sweeteners (toxic aspartame) or their products such as jams,jellies,preserves,marmalades,yogurts,ice cream,sherbets,jello,cake,candy,cookies,all chewing gum,colas & diet drinks,pies,pastries, & all sugared fruit juices & fruits canned in sugar syrup.
    (Healthy Stores have delicious healthy replacement,such as Stevia,raw honey ,100% maple syrup, & agave nectar,so seek & buy the best.)
  • White flour products such as white bread,wheat-white bread,enriched flours,rye bread that has white flour in it,dumplings,biscuits,buns,gravy,pasta,pancakes,waffles,soda crackers,pizza,ravioli,pies,pastries,cakes,cookies,prepared & commercial puddings & ready-mix bakery products.Most are made with dangerous (oxy-cholesterol) powdered milk & powdered eggs.(Health Stores have variety 100%,non-GMO whole grain organic products,delicious breads,crackers,pastas,desserts,etc.)
  • Salted foods,such as pretzels,corn chips,potato chips,crackers & nuts.
  • Refined white rices & pearled barley
    Fried fast foods
    Indian ghee
  • Rafined,sugared (also aspartime) dry processed cereals – cornflakes,etc
  • Foods that contain Olestra,palm & cottonseed oil.These oils are not fit for human consumption & should be totally avoided.
  • Peanuts & peanut butter that contain hydrogentead,hardenet oils & any peanuts with mold & all molds that can cause allergies.
  • Margarine – combines heard-deadly trans-fatty acids and saturated fats.
  • Saturated fats & hydrogenated oils – enemies that clog the arteries.
  • Coffee – even decaffeinated, caffeinated (even if in green) teas & alcohol.
    Also all caffeinated and sugared water-juices,all cola and soft drinks
  • Fresh pork
    Fried,fatty,greasy meats
    Irradiated GMO foods.


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