Refined Foods and Flours Remove Vital,Potassium which Causes Poor Health!

Robbed grains: The miller refines and processes our grains to get while flour that will keep for years that becomes the staff of death! Even bugs have more sense – they won’t eat  it becouse it has been robbed of its potassium and vital life-giving nutritional qualities!


Shocking loos of potassium and nutrients in making white flour: in milling wheat, the miller refines out 25 important food elements,including vital amino acids,vitamin E,bran,the rich B-complex vitamins and potassium,Cows fed refined grain,with the potassium milled out and de-germed,die early of heart failure.


The more they refine vital potassium out of foods,the sicker Americans get: People waste money,time.and energy and suffer the loss of health by being sick.


The #1 health plan should be to teach Americans how to live a healthy lifestyle that maintains health by correct eating and living habits! Healthy nutrition will create bones that last a lifetime,cells that resist disease and arteries that stay healthy,cholesterol-free and unclogged!

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