Natural Health Law: Live by Divine Wisdom

Do Peaceful Prayer and Meditation Daily

“Be still and know that i m God.”it is in the peaceful silence of meditation and prayer that you find a higher power than yourself.This power can help,guide and direct you towards the healthy goals in life you are seeking.

It is important to se aside a period twice daily – morning and evening-during which time,the mind can go into meditation and prayer to build inner strengh.There must be order and clear purpose to your thinking Silently restate your new goals in life.Remember that you must displace the old,useless and damaging habits of thought with fine,bright,new healthy ideas.

Every constructive thought stimulates the nervous system with great vitality and vigor,and this sustained and powerful activity stimulates the entire body.Through meditation and prayer you are building a strong mind in a healthy strong body and you are opening that inexhaustible reservoir of energy and creative intelligence which lies within each human.Meditation and prayer will help establish equilibrium in mind,body and soul.It infuses you with new energy and expanded awareness,while it instills you with an inner calm and peace.You gain strength to do and to endure – to take the strains and pressures of life in your daily stride.

The Peace Prayer by.St.Francais of Assist

-Lord.make me an instrument of your peace
-Where there is hatred,let me sow love.
-Where there is injury,pardon.
-Where there is doubt,faith.
-Where there is despair,hope.
-Where there is darkness,fight
-Where there is
-Grant that 1 may not so much seek to be consuled as console.
-To be understood as to understand.

To be loved… to love
For it is in the giving that we receive it is in the pardoning that we are pardoned And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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