Live to Bragg Healthy Lifestyle to Enjoy a Lifetime of Super Health

In a broad sense,”The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for the Total Person” is the perfect combination of phsysical,mental,emotional,social and spiritual components.The ability of the individual to function effectively in his environment depends on how smoothly these components function as a whole.Of all the qualities that comprise an integrated personality,a totally healthy,fit body is one of the most desirable. . . so start today to achieve your health and happiness goals!


A person may be said to be totally physically fit if he functions as a total personality with efficiency and without pain or discomfort of any kind.This is to have a Painless,Tireless,Ageless Body,possessing sufficient muscular strength and endurance to maintain a healthy posture and successfully carry on the duties imposed by life and the environment,to meet emergencies satisfactorily and have enough energy for recreation and social obligations after the “work day” has ended.It is to meet the requirements of his environment through possesing the resilience to recover rapidly from fatigue,tension,stress and strain of daily living without the aid of stimulants,drugs or alcohol,and enjoy natural recharging sleep at night and awaken fit and alert in the morning for the challenges of the new fresh day ahead.

Keeping the body totally healthy and fit is not a job for the uninformed or careless person.It requires an understanding of the body and of a healthy lifestyle and then following it for a long,happy lifetime of health! The results of “The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle” is to wake up the possibilities within you,rejuvenate your body,mind and soul to total balanced health.It’s within your reach,so don’t procrastinate,start today! Our hearts go out to touch your heart with nourishing love for your health,happiness and a fulfilled long life!

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