Control Your Negative & Positive Thoughtel

The mind must have a will of iron and always be in command of the body.From this day forward learn how to substitute your thoughts.When negative thoughts- such as, “I m losing my energy becouse when you get older you start to lose energy” – enters your mind,replace it with positive healthy thoughts,say to yourself,”Age cannot in any way affect my energy.Age is not toxic! I am ageless!”


Think of your thoughts as powerful self-talk magnets with the ability to attract (positive) or repel (negative) according to the way used. A majority or people lean either to positive or negative mentally.The positive phase is constructive and goes for success and positive achievements,while the negative side of life is destructive,leading to futility and failure.It’s self-evident it’s to our advantage.With patience,persistence and living The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle this can be accomplished!


Keep in mind always that whatever the mind tells the flesh,that is exactly what the flesh is going to believe and act upon.Your mind influences flesh.You must let your mind make wise decisions for your body,becouse if your body rules your mind,it can bring misery and slavery!

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