Meditation and Prayer Helps Master Life

Taking Inventory of yourself this way is important.You will soon notice a much greater peace,tranquility and health within yourself.Life will flow more easily for you Annoying events.things and people that used to bother you will no longer have the same effect upon you.This will give you more energy for creative thinking and living.


The release,peace and relaxation that is experienced following meditation and prayer envelopes the entire day,with a softening  effect upon your entire outlook and relations with life and others.The degree of personal involvement in emotional problems is diminished.This is not to say that emotional capacity is weakened! On the contrary,this wellspring is deepend as your inner life achieves greater life balance and stabilitty.Meditation and prayer eliminates the causes of tension in a natural way (not like toxic tranquilizers),as it subtly  sharpens the mind,heart and senses.This release from mental tension and physical duress gives a healthy effect on your entire well-being.Daily meditation and prayer helps to build a healthier balance to restore the body’s normal rhythm of functions.Millions worldwide benefit from God’s wise,practical and powerful guidance and love.

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