Amazing Strenght Results in 8 Weeks

“The favorable response to strenght training in out subjects was remarkalbe in light of their advanced  ages and sedentary habit.The eldery weight-Lifters increased their muslce strengh by three-fold to four-fold in as little as eight weeks.“Fiatarone said they were stronger at the end of the program than they had been in years! The results were amazing! Fiatarone emphasized the safety of such a closely supervised weight-lifting program,even among people in frail health.The average age of the participants was 90,Six had coronary heart disease;seven had artritis; six had bone fractures resulting from osteoporosis:four had high blood pressure; and all had been physically  inactive for years.Yet,no serious medical problems resulted from the strengh exercise program.A few of the participants did report minor muscle and joint aches.


The study participants,faithfully worked out 3 times a week with hand weights and weight-lifting machines.
The weights were gradually increased from 10 pounds to about 40 pounds at the end of the eight week program Fiatarone said the study carries important health implications to improve the wellness and fitness of older people,who represent a growing proportion of the U.S population! Sadly a decline in muscle strenght.tone and muslce size is the more predictable feature of ageing.

A Strong Body Makes a Strong Mind

Exercise,along with healthy foods and some fasting helps maintain or restore a healthy physical balance and normal weight for long,happy life.

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