BE SAFE – Drink Purified,Distilled Water!

Pure distilled water is vitality important in following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.Water is the key to all body functions including: digestion,assimilation,elimination and body circulation,and to bones and joints,muscles,nerves,glands and senses.The right kind of water is one of your best natural protections against all kinds of disease and infections.It’s a vital factor in all the body fluids,tissues,cells,lymph nodes,blood and all glandular secretions.Water holds all nutritive factors in solution,as well as toxins and body wastes,and acts as the main transportation medium throughout the body,for both nutrition and cleansing purposes.


Since your body is about 70% water,the blood and lymphatic system is over 90% water,it’s essential for your health that you drink only pure water that’s not saturated with contaminants,inorganic minerals and toxins! This pire water will trasport vital nutrients to cells and the waste from cells more efficiently.This allows the body to function correctly and stay healthier!

ORGANIC MINERALS: Your minerals must come from an organic source,from something living or that has lived.Humans do not have the same chemistry as plants.Only the living plant has the ability to extract inorganic minerals from the earth and convert them to organic minerals for your body to absorb and utilize them.

INORGANIC MINERALS: The Inorganic Minerals and Toxic Chemicals in water can create these problems:

  • Causes arthritis,bone spurs & painful calcified formations in the joints.
  • Hardens the liver.
  • Causes kidney and gallstones
  • Clogs and hardens the veins,capillaries and arteries.
  • Inorganic minerals and toxic chemicals in water,clog arteries and small capillaries
  • that are needed to feed & nourish your brain with oxygenated blood; result is gradual loss of memory,senility and strokes.

COCKATIL OF TOXIC CHEMICALS: Chlorine,fluoride,calcium carbonate,cadmium,aluminum,trihalomethanes,chloroform,arsenic.copper,lead and unpleasant taste.
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