Food Allergies and Dr.Coca’s Pulse Test

Almost every known food may cause some allergic reaction at times.Thus,foods used in elimination diets may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.Some are listet among the Most Cammon Food Allergies.Since reactions to these foods is generally low,they are widely used in making test diets.By keeping a food journal and tracking your pulse rate after meals you will soon know your problem foods.Allerrgic foods cause pulse to go up.(Take base pulse,for 1 minute,before bed.If it increases 8-10 beats per minute – check foods for allergies)


If your body has reaction after eating a particular food.Especially if it happens each time you eat that food,you may have an allergy! Some allergic reactions are:wheezing,sneezing,stuffy nose,nasal drip or mucus,eye watering or waterbags,dark circles under eyes,headaches,feeling light-headed or dizzy,fast heart beat.stomach or chest pains,diarrhea,extreme thirst,breaking out in a rash,swelling of extremities or stomach bloating,etc.

If you know what you’re allergic to,you are lucky; if you don’t you had better find out as fast as possible and eliminate all irritating foods from your diet! To re-evaluate your daily life and have a health guide to your future,start a daily journal of foods eaten,your pulse rate before and after meals and your reactions,moods,energy levels,weight,elimination and sleep patterns.You will discover the foods and situations causing problems.By charting your diet you will be amazed at the effects of eating certain foods.Dad and I have kept daily journals for years.

If you are hypersensitive to certain foods,you must omit them from your diet! There are hundreds of allergies and of course it’s impossible here to take up each one.Many have allergies to milk.wheat,or some are allergic to all grains.Your daily journal will help you discover and accurately pinpoint the foods and situations causing you problems.Start your journal TODAY!


A food allergy results when the immune system mistakenly targest a harmless food protein – an allergen – as a threat and attacks it.Food allergies affect up to 15 million people in US.

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