Common-Sense Guide to Gluten-Free

If you must cut out gluten,be sure to do it the healthy way.

1.Get Your Grains 
Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or not,eating a variety of grains is healthy,so don’t cut out whole grains,Replace wheat with amoranth,com,millet,qulnoa,teff,and the occasional serving of rice.

2.Shop the grocery store perimeter. 

Stick with naturally gluten-free whole foods: fruit,vegetables,lean meat and poultry,fish,most dairy,legumes some grains,and nuts.

3.Read the Label!
Minimize your intake of packaged foods made with refined rice or potato flours; choose those with no-gluten,nonrice whole grains instead.
Whenever you buy processed foods,keep on eye on the sugar,fat,and sodium conent of the product.

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