FLAKY TO FAB(1 Day Plan for Healthier Skin)

Frigid winter wather can wreak havoc an your skin.Protect your body’s largest organ from dryness and damage with a daily regimen.

Daily Skin-Care Routine


  • Keep it cool.Skip the scalding shower or bath and opt for warm or tepid temps.Hot water can really dry and irritate your skin.
  • Use simple ingredients. That means a fragrance-free moisturizing soap for sensitive skin: fragrances are generally bad new for skin.Also:You don’t need to soap everywhere every day.Just sinky areas like underarms.
  • Towel off.Leave your body a little damp– leftover water lock in moisture.Then apply a crea or lotion everywhere but between your toes.which is prone to fungal infections.
  • SMART STEP: lower legs dry and scaly? Grab moisturizer that contains loctic acid,which pulls more moisture into the skin and sloughs away dryness.

Mirror Check

  • Cover your face with SPF 30 or higher to protect against sunburn.Reapply as needed.
  • Pucker up.Protect your kisser,too.Use a petrolum jelly or shea butter-base lip balm with SPF 15 or higher,
  • Give hands extra love.Use moisturizing  cream and gloves to protect those overexposed hands from wind and wather.

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  • Apply again,and again. Frequent hand washing is so drying.Stash lotion or hand cream in your desk,purse,or car and use it all day.
  • Stay Hydrated.Just like the rest of your organs,your skin need water to function well.Carry a reusable water bottle and fill up frequently.
  • Resist the itch. Scratching dry skin encourages infection.Instead,apply lotion made with aloe or shea butter.
  • Menage your blood sugar: High glucose levels make you lose fluids faster,which leads to dry skin and other issues such as blisters and rashes.


  • Crank up a humidifier to add moisture to air at home.


  • Moisturize feet. Dry,cracked heels are prone to infection-slather on cream.
  • Check your entire body for cuts,sores,and dry spots.Treat minor crapes at home,but show deeper wounds to a health care provider.If dty skin presists beyond two weeks,call a dermatologist.

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