The Delicious Power of GARLIC

Not only is it beloved in the kitchen but this potent panacea is powerful medicine.Discover the numeros health benefits of garlic.

Cardiovascular Health 
it’s helpful to remember that the human cardiovascular system is basically a hydraulic system,where hose and seal integrity are everything,especially once you start putting the whole apparatus to work.Food-sourced antioxidants can help with improving that integrity by strengthening the walls and making them more flexible.Of course,eat your good fats (e.g.,fish oils). They help with this,too,and should be considered pretty much essential at this point.Another great addition to your  cardiovascular preparation,one you’ve possibly not considered before,is garlic.(Allium sativum).In addition to its well-known use as an antimicrobial,garlic can also strengthen your cardivascular system and,to extend the metaphor,make it less prone to blowouts.It’s also insanely easy to incorporate into your day,whether as a supplement or in your regular diet.

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Garlic as Medicine 
Used for more than 5,000 years as a medicine in the indian tradition of Ayurveda,garlic remains one of humanity’s closest plant has become a part of our folklore,both ancient and modern,Also used consistenly in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 3,000 years,as well as in Greek and Egyptian medicine,garlic’s use spans the history of written medicine.Today,garlic remains a quintessential example of food as medicine. Throughout history,garlic has gained itself a strong reputation as a powerful,broad-acting antimicrobial,finding application with respiratory and topical infections(its antibacterial oils are eliminated via the lungs),parasites and numerous infectious diseases (of bacterial,viral and fungal origin).However,it is equally impressive in its use for promoting cardio vascular health.


The Magic of Sulfur Compounds 
Garlic contains a group of interesting sulfur-containing compounds called thiosulfinates. Along with other beneficial organosulfur compounds ,thiosulfinates are found in a number of foods,including broccoli,cauliflower and cabbage, They are also responsible for a garlic’s  characteristic aroma,along with its reported anti-microbal,antiparasitic,antioxidant,immune-enhancing and antitumor activities.They are a powerful group of constituents.
Today,modern science suggests that allicin,the main medicinal compound that’s formed when garlic is crushed,interferes with microbal RNA synthesis and thus has a toxic effect on a number of organisms,including those that have been shown to be resistant to popular antibiotics.
Without getting into garlic’s pharmacology too much,it is important to understand why fresh garlic is best and why you just won’t see the same benefits with dried galric or powdered galric.

The major compound in galric’s essential oil is allin.Once garlic is crushed,allin is acted on by an enzyme,alliinase,to form allicin.Allicin is what is medicinal.However,allicin is also short-lived and degrades rather quickly.As such,to obtain the full therapeutic potential of garlic,you must either use it fresh(pesto,anyone?) or in the form of specially prepared and stabilized extract.

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Garlic’s Heart Smart Benefits 
Addmitedly,garlic is probably not as well-known for its cardiovascular benefits as it is for its impressive antimicrobial effects.However,its benefit to cardiovascular health is remarkable,and the ways in which it helps make it an excellent addition to the broad array of food-sourced antioxidants we all should be taking.
The cardiovascular benefits associated with regular garlic consumption have been shown to positively impact atherosclerosis,heart disease and stroke.This includes the ability to reduce blood pressure.lower cholesterol levels and improve the HDL/LDL ratio,reduce the build-up of fibrin in vessel walls and make blood less”Sticky.”
A number of clinical trials have demonstrated that blood pressure may be significantly reduced with regular garlic consumption.By reducing  both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over a 1 to 3 month period.this  of reduction can,in turn,lower the incidence of heart attack and stroke.
A number of studies have also shown that garlic supplements,as well as fresh garlic,can help reduce cholesterol.While the role of cholesterol in the risk of heart disease remains controversial,especially in terms of its impact on long-term mortality,it remains wise to keep it on your wellness radar,especially if other risk factor  are stacked up against you.
Amazingly,garlic helps to dissolve potential blockages along the arterial walls.These deposits are a kind of scar tissue and are comprised of a mesh of protein,called fibrin,and fats.These deposits arisein response to inflammation and demage to the inside walls of blood vessels.At certain point,these deposits can be a real fact they can be deadly.
Finally,garlic helps to reduce the blood’s “stickness” by inhibiting a process called platelet aggregation.This helps thin the blod a little and makes it less likely to clot.One thing’s for sure-if you’re at risk of a blockage,the last thing you want is sticky blood looking for something to clot onto.If this sounds familiar,this is the idea behind taking half and aspirin a day but without the associated risks.

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