When dealing with a cold,soaking in a soothing herbal bath can feel wonderfully healing.Adding ginger tea to the bath is wonderful or sore,achy muscles.Some people find that when feverish,soaking in a bath to which 1 cup of Epsom salt and 7 drops  of essential oil of eucalyptus have been added encourages swating,which will help eliminate the infection.This can be done while sipping a cup of some diaphoretic herb tea,such as peppermint,elder flower or ginger.Afterward,rinse with tepid water,dry off,dress warmly and rest. Enjoy the pleasent antiseptic benefits of aromatherapy in the bath or in a diffuser. Having an aromatherapy diffuser running in a sick person’s home can help prevent other household members from catching the infections,ass well as clear the congestion of the sick person.Essential oils that are particularly helpful are eucalyptus,fir,lavander,peppermint,pine,rosembry and tea tree.


Avoid excessive exercise while you are recovering.However,walking can improve metabolism,open the nasal passages and stimulate endorphin produtcion.Just be sure to rest after your walk.During your recovery time,rent some funny movies.Laughter can help boost your immune system.Take the time to rest.If you pay attention to the little ailments in life,then the bigger ones won’t necessarily hit you as hard.Be greatful your body is telling you slow down and take better care of yourself,so you can have a more resistant immune system for the future.

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