Externaly Eye Tissue Support

Use of cucumbers on the eyes may be a bit of a beauty cliche,but placing cool compresses made from herbs can actually relieve puffy eyes and dark circles,as well as alleviate dry skin and improve elasticity.Note: Unless prescribed by your healthcare professional,refrain from putting any substance directly in your eyes.

The following recommendations are suitable for use when applied to the tissue surrouding the eyes.in cases where applied as a compress over the eye.do so with eyelids closed and remove excess liquid from compress before applications to keep liquid from draining into the eye.


(Matricaria recutita) has anti inflammatory properties that make it ideal for reducing inflammation around the eyes.it’s also a calming herb,so while perparing an eye compress,yourself a cup of chamomile tea and relax.



(Hydrastis canadensis) root contains berberine,which has been shown to treat eye infections.it has been used by Native North Americans in poultice form to treat sore eyes and traditionaly by herbalists to treat eczema and conjunctivitis.



(Camellia sinensis) is a naturally astringent plant,and cooled tea bags placed over the download (13)eyes may reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness.





(Hamamelis virginiana) has been used by Native North American tribes and is now avaialbe in distilled form  in the first aid section of just about any pharmacy.The astringent properties of witch hazel have shown relief of several tissue ailments including eye inflammation and dark circles.Note:The distilled version is less effective than the tincture form,and both contain alcohol,which can be drying to skin so follow use with a moisturizer.



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