Balance your hormones naturally!

Your hormones are your body’s control system , which is why if they’re out of whack you cab experience everything from weight gain to depression to other health problems.And the chances of a hormone imbalance increase as we get older ,expecially at menopause and beyond. Fortunately, re-balancing your hormones levels naturally can be as easy as:

Wearing a sleep mask!400-04391696c-Masterfile-pressmaster.jpg

“If you’re not sleeping, you’re throwing your hormone balance off,” reveals integrative medicine physycian Edison de Mello, M.D., founder of the Akasha Center in Santa Monica, California. Lack of sleep disturb your natural body rhythms and tells your pituitary gland to slow hormone production, he explains. And even faint light from windows or your alarm clock can dirupt sleep!

“Sleeping in darkness is key to regulating your sleep and hormones,” confirms Dr. de Mello, who recommends wearing a weighted sleep mask that block 100% of sleep -disrupting ambient light.

Taking an ancient herb!Brahmi.jpg

“Ashwagandha , used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, is one of the most beneficial supplements to maintain hormone regulation,” says Dr. de Mello. Both the powdered root and berry of the ancient shurb are proven to help your body overcome the adrenal fatigue that can throw off hormone balance. “It’s especially good at regulating stress by limiting production of cortisol,” he says. “Plus ,it helps balance testosterone and estrogen,essential for women going througt menopause.” The proven dose is 500mg. dalily.

Tossing plastic food storage containers!

“You’ve probably heard the fuss about BPA, but it’s not the only problematic compound found on plastic,” reveals Dr. de Mello.”Lots of chemicals in plastic are hormone disruptors-meaning they interrupt your body’s natural hormonal processes.” They easy fix: Invest in glass storage containers and water bottles, which have no harmful compounds that can leach into foods.

Switching toothpastes!860_main_toothbrush.gif

Over the past decade, the chemical triclosan has been linked to a huge range oh health problems, including Type 2 dibetes, certain cancers, obsity and neurological problems, notes Mello .And while the FDA recently banned it from most products, including antibacterial soaps, he says,”triclosan still shows up on the ingredients lists in toothpaste, of all places! Check the label for this hidden source of the chemical , which also appears, under the names Irgasan DP-300,Lexol 300, Ster-Zac and Cloxifenolum.

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