Easy ways to Turbocharge your Health!

Wish getting healthier didn’t require so much work? it doesn’t have to! These study-proven methods will help you reach all your health goals quickly and easily!

1.Shed Pounds Faster(with water) 

The foster pounds melt,the more motivated you are to keep going-and the easiest way to make that happen is to drink water! You’ve probably beard that downing a cup of H2O before meals hepls you feel fuller so you eat less.Turns out plain top water also helps you burn more fat!
It works! Water improves inside every cell),which revs your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long.reports the journal Frontiers in Nutrition/

And Dine on more dairy! 

Stuck at a weight-loss plateau? Eat more low-fat yogurt,cheese,milk and kefir! Women who cut calories,exercised and ate dairy-rich meals shed far more weight than woman who followed the same regimen but skimped on dairy,reveals a recent Canadian study.The combination of protein and calcium in dairy foods preserves lean muslce as you lose weight-which keeps yout metabolism stoked!


2.Raise good Cholesterol (with Almonds)

Told that your good HDL cholesterol is low? Eat almonds! in a six-week study.folks who ate a bandful of almonds daily saw a 19% rise in a type of HDL.cholesterol that stops plaque from clogging arteries.in turn,lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.
It Works! Almonds (like other nuts) deliver hefty doses of unsaturated fats,vitamin E and fiber,nutrients that prompt your liver to create more of that good HDL.

Nuts cut Bad Cholesterol,tool. 
Enjoying a daily handful of almonds,walnuts or pecans sends your bad LDL cholesterol down 5% withing six weeks,reports the journal Circulatuion.Plant sterols in nuts act like prescription statins to block the absorption of cholesterol into your bloodstream!

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3.Rein in Blood Sugar(with green tea) 

Worried about developing Type 2 diabetes? Fit in four cups of green tea each day.and you’ll out your risk of the disease 20%. reveals a review of nine studies involving more than 300,000 adults in the Journal of General Interoal Medicine.
It Works! |
Antioxidants in green tea (cartechina) help stop insulin from spiking,improve glucose sensitivity and protect your pancreas’s insulin releasing “beta” cells from damage!

And Reduce Salt!
Sure,low-salt diets help keep blood pressure down-but,blood sugar? Yes Swedish Research shows that consuming more than 1 1/4 tap,of salt daily raises your risk of Type 2 diabetes as much as 72% Excess sodium contributes to insulin resistance and weight gain,factors tied to a higher risk of the condition.


4. End Insomnia (with tart cherry juice)

Struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep?Drink a cup of Montmorency tart cherry juice in the a.m and again one hour before bed,and you’ll sleep an impressive 84 minutes longer withing 14 days,reports the Americans Journal of Therapeutics.
It Works! Tart cherry juice (such as Indian Summer Mons morency Tart Cherry Juice.$4,82 per 46oz. Walmart.com)
Supplies your brain with tryptophan ,which it convents to sleep regulating serotonin.You’ll feel drawsier at night.fall asleep faster and have fewer inflammation triggering compounds so aches and pains ore less opt to keep you awake!

And don tinted glasses at night!
Nighttime texting,TV watching and internet browsing before bed is proven to trigger insomnia.The Fix: amber-colored glasses(such as by Fiore.


5. Lower Your Blood Pressure (with olive leaf)

Cutting back on salt and stress and still have high blood pressure Phytomedicine reports that a twice-daily 500 mg.does of olive leaf extract triggers more than a 10 point drop within eight weekls.that’s as effective as a 25mg.daily dose of the B2 Captoprill!
It works!!  Like Captoprill and other ACE inhibition,olive leaf a compounds block an enzyme that narrows arteries so blood flows thorugh your system easily Bonus:Olive lead also ups your body’s ability to KO germs and even fledgling cancer cells!

And eat more spinach!  
Leafy greens like spinach create nutric,oxide,which widens arteries.lowering your blood pressure!

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