1 Dark chocolate slash your stroke risk 48% !

People who eat dark chocolate daily are 48%less likely to have a stroke and their heart risk drops 27%, too, suggests a recent German study.Credit goes to dark chocolate’s abundance of flavonols, compounds that reduce blood pressure and help prevent heart-and blood vessel-harming free radical damage!


2 Milk chocolate keeps yours smarts sharp!

A recent study in the journal Appetite reveals that eating a little milk chocolate most days makes it easier to remember things and organize and track information! Thanks goes to milk chocolate’s flavonols and it’s sugar content, which together send a quick stream of energizing glucose to your brain!


3 Nutty treats whittle your middle!

Adults who frequently snack on a handful of almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts (either alone or in candy or other foods) typically have less belly fat than those who skip nuts, a Spanish study shows. The protein and monounsaturated fats in nuts help quell appetite. That cuts your calorie intake and evens out your blood sugar, prompting less fat storage in your midsection!


4 Any candy helps lengthen your life!

Harvard scientists discovered that people who regularly eat candy live longer than candy abstainers! ”Satisfying a craving with a little bit of candy may actually help you avoid overindulging with a baked good or another treat containing more calories,” explains diet and binge-eating specialist Lyssa Weiss,R.D.,C.D.N.

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