Rejuvenate with winter Leafies

Feel your best with these in season picks

Incorporating 1 cup of rainbow chard into your daily diet can reduce stiffness and pain and increase flexibility and mobility in as little as 4 days,say Stanford University scientists.How? This colorful veggie is rich in botaxanthins-plant compounds that block the activity of pro-inflammation enzymes.

Add 1/2 cup of broccoli rabe to a meal and you could chase away tiredness for up to 3 hours,say Columbia University researchers.That’s becouse the viggie  is loaded with polyphenols,compounds that speed the conversion of fatty acide into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) the body’s key energy enzyme.


Red cabbage boasts a trio of nutrients (anthocyanins, sulforaphane and indote-3-carbinol) that rev the immune system’s production of white blood cells and antibodies. Eat 1 cup a day and Johns Hopkins University scientists say you’ll trim 3 days off your recovery time from a cold or the flu.
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Two nutrients in kale (aphalinolenic acid and kaempferol) stimulate the brain’s prefrontal cortex,improving focus and recall within 30 minutes of ingestion,say Columbia University scientists.And now is great time to indulge since cold weather makes the leaves testo sweeter.

Delicious ideas.Make kale chips by mixing 4 cups of kale leaves with 1 Tbs.of olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper; Place on a baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes at 350 F .For a crispy side,saute 4 cloves of minced garlic in 2 Tbs,of olive oil,add 1 bunch of kale leaves and cook until kale is sightly wilted.

HAPPINESS HERO The brain’s production of mood-boosting serothonin slows when sunlight is in short supply.but scientists at Connecticut’s University of Bridgeport say eating 1/2 cup of spinach a day can lift mood in as little as 72 hours.Credit spinach’s beta-carotene and chlorophyll-nutrients that activate serotonin-producing henes in the brain.
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You can effortlessly shed up to 6 pounds of belly fat in a month by adding 4 cups of  collard greens to your weekly meal plan,Canadian studies suggest.As it turns out.this leafy green contains two metabolicaly active compounds (sinigrin and gluconasturtlin) that gelp the live quickly burn stored abdominal fat for fuel.

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