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Instant Energizer

A speedy way in shake off a.m grogginese.Sitting tall,reach your arms straight out in front of you and interlace your fingers. knockles facing out inhale and lift your arms overhead.then exhale and lower them to your knees.Repeat for 2 minutes.This move opens the chest so you can breathe more deeply,flooding the body with energizing oxygen.Plus,raising arms increases heart rate for instant pep.

How do you nix green spots on jewerly?

Fashion jewerly that contains copper or is silver-plated can become oxidized by skin oils or skin creams and end up turning green.Reader tips to the rescuel!

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    Rub a pencil eraser on spots,suggests Jenny Cox.The rubber buffs away discolortion.(Avoid on gemstones)
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    Scrape the green gently with a tooth pick.then rub with a toothbrush,says Debra Simon.The toothpick,dislodges gunk and the toothbrush wipes it off.

Wake up tired eyes for less

To look bright-eyed after a late night,skip pricey eye creams and make your own natural de-puffer.To do:Mix 1 tbs.of coconut oil and 1 tbs.of coffee grounds.Gently dab under eyes and let sit for 5 minutes.then rinse,Coffee’s caffeine constricts blood vessels to reduce swelling and coconut oil moisturizes.

Healthy Hydrtion made easy!

You try to drink eight glasses of water a day to get all the perks (like fast fat loss and smooth skin) but it’s hard to keep track of your intake.A ciever trick:Wear eight bangles on your left arm:for each glass you drink,move on to your right arm.When all the bangles are on your right,you’ve met your goal!

Secret to a No-Snow bra

“I got a great deal on a white blouse at the mall,but when i tried it on at home with a skin-toned bra,the bra was visible.I was about to return the top when my sister told me to try it with a red bra.She said all skin types have red undertonse,so a red bra becomes nearly invisible when worn under a white shirt.I was skeptical,but it totally  worked.!”

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