Spice your way to a Healthy heart!

1.Cardamom halts hypertension!    If controlling your blood pressure has been a battle, this citrusy, aromatic spice can make the task a lot easier by relaxing blood vessels so they’re less likely to spasm. In fact,  Indian researches say consuming just ½ tsp. of ground cardamom daily could trim five points off your blood pressure in 12 weeks!  Tips: Cardamom adds enchanting flavor to coffee, tea, hot cider and mulled wine. It’s also delicious in rice pilaf and baked goods.

Cardamom halts hypertension! 

2.Black pepper raises good cholesterol!  Sprinkling as little as ½ tsp. of black pepper on your food each day could raise your level of artery – clearing HDL cholesterol four points, suggests research in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition.  Black pepper’s active ingredient (piperine) prods your liver to convert dietary fats into healthy cholesterol, says study coauthor Ray Senthilkumar, Ph.D.



Black pepper

3.Paprika reduces inflammation!  A key to preventing heat disease is avoiding artery- aging inflammation and consuming just 1 tbs. of this spice weekly is shown to cut that inflammation 33%! Credit goes to paprika’s rich stores of natural anti- inflammatories called saponins.  Tips: Paprika, made from specific peppers grown in Hungary and Spain, come in sweet, smoky and spicy varieties. Use it in stews and sauces and to add color and flavor to potatoes, fish and meat dishes, deviled eggs and tuna salad.


4.Ginger KOs clots!  This pungent spice prevents blood clots as effectively as aspirin, cutting heart-attack risk 25% or more if you enjoy ½ tsp. daily, reports the International Journal of Herbal Medicine. Its active ingredients keep blood cells slippery, so they’re less apt to stick together, says study coauthor Kiran Saxena, Ph.D.


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