The surprising power of food combining !

While most nutritionists recommend favoring balanced meals made up of a combination of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats) , celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta – Jones reportedly have gotten wow – worthy results by doing the exact opposite.  They are said to be fans of the Dissociated Diet, a method of food combining that calls for consuming only one food group at each meal or even for the entire day.

Also called the Hay Diet, the food formula was originally developed by William Howard Hay, M.D., as a healing protocol following his own heart attack in 1905. At the time, Dr. Hay wrote that eating a variety of food groups at each meal taxes the body’s digestive system. He reasoned that digestive organs have to create and release enough digestive fluids and enzymes to simultaneously break down animal proteins and dairy (which are digested in an alkaline environment). Dr. Hay believed this process overworks the organs, slows digestion and ultimately leads to a buildup of toxic by-products that cause fatigue and other health – sapping side effects. Dr. Hay’s cadre of influential followers, including motor magnate Henry Ford, reportedly optimized their digestion and enhanced their well-being on the doctor’s food formula.

Now modern science from Penn State University shows that Dr. Hay’s eating strategy may actually be a more powerful weight-loss toll than even the doctor himself thought. The researchers found that when dieters are offered the same flavors and textures over and over (like a meal made of all proteins or meal of all fruit), they tend t stop eating sooner and consume about 35 percent fewer calories than those who are offered a meal with more varied flavors and textures. Scientists call this “sensory-specific satiety”, where food becomes less satisfying and less pleasant when the flavor and texture are monotonous. Despite the potential slimming benefits, though, some health-care professionals caution that the extreme food boredom and self-restriction inherent in Dr.Hay’s program can actually trigger intense cravings and erode self-control over the long-term-a double whammy for women looking to lose weight.  Doctors also warn that limiting the variety of foods eaten from day to day can lead to potentially dangerous shortfalls of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for controlling appetite, increasing metabolism and warding off fat storage.

Another potential downside of the diet: restricting some meals to only starches and fruit – without introducing any protein on fat to help slow the release of sugars into the blood- stream – can cause blood –sugar levels to fluctuate wildly over the course of the day. These rapid changes can actually encourage exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings and abdominal – fat storage. It may also make the food formula particularly dangerous for women with diabetes, so it’s important to consult with a health-care professional before switching to this way of eating.

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