Eating more carbs in the winter increases the growth of beneficial gut bugs to optimize digestion and kickstart weight loss-plus strengthen immunity, improve mood and increase energy. The key. Says John Douillard ,D.C., author of Eat Wheat, is ti emphasize carbohydrates that are rich in soluble fiber, which feeds the good gut bacteria that help fire up fat burn.”Your grains , your root vegetaqbles, your legumes-they are what most people are craving now anyway,”says Douillard . “So give yourself permission to eat them.

For best results, Douillard suggests enjoying  1 1/2  cups of soluble fiber-rich grains per day.His top picks include amaranth,wheat,buckwheat,miller,oats,quinoa and brown rice,Round out your meals with plenty of steamed or roasted vegetables as well as at least 4 oz.of fish.beef or poultry or 2 eggs.In the winter,dairy products should be avoided when possible,Doullard suggests,as they tend to couse congestion that can increase the production of mucus and exacerbate cold symptoms.He also advises eliminating processed foods,added sugars and seed oils(inlduing canola,soybean and corn oil).And for your fastest winter slimdown,try these strategies:

Enjoy carbs earlier. Metablism tends to be faster earlier in the day,so Douillard suggests having 3/4 cup of whole grain carbs at both breakfast and lunch.You’ll get the wellness-enhancing benefits of the winter carbs and burn off those carb calories thorughout the day. Oatmeal or quinoa make a wonderful warming morning meal.And women FIRST spoke with reported that they easily made the transition toa carb-based lunch by trading lunchtime salads for hearty,comforting grain bowls topped with vegetables and beans.


Up the root veggies at dinner.  Fill your plate with 1/2 cup of soluble fiber-rich root vegetables ,like sweet potatoes,potatoes,carrots,parsnips,beet,turnips,winter squash and sunchokes,to feed your good winter gut bugs.These plant-based carbs are easier to break down than whole grains,which si beneficial as digestion slows at the end of the general,Douillard says,you should aim to eat a smaal supper-like a bowl of stew–instead of a large a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.this strategy helped dieters lose 25 percent more weight than those who favored a large evening meal.


Pile on Healthy Fats.  
“Above and beyond what you use to cook,drizzle coconut oil,olive oil or ghee on your meals to add flavor and healthy fats,” says Douillard Avocados(crops of Hass avocados from California are in peak season right now) and ghee,especially,provide vitamins and antioxidants that the body needs to maintain healthy mucous membranes throughout the cold,dry months and provide fuel for beneficial gut bacteria.This strategy also helps dial back mood swings and hunger by slowing down the absorption of winter carbs,resulting in steadier energy to help you feel your winter best.


Indulge in a treat .Trade high sugar desserts for an apple baked with cinnamon on 375 F for 30 minutes.Japanese researchers report that apples contain unique sugars that nourish fat-burning bacteria and help starve harmful bacteria.The fiber rich fruit also helps remove toxins and bad bacteria from the GI tract.

Sneak in Extra zzzs.  
“As the days get shorter we need more sleep.” says Douillard According to research in the journal Molecular Metabolism,sound sleep ins’t just refreshing,it also boosts microbial health.Study subjects who slept for at least 8 1/2 hours on two consecutive nights had 48 percent more beneficial bacteria strains than when they slept 4 1/2  hours for two nights.If you struggle to drift off.Vincent Pedre,M.D.,author of Happy Gut,suggests supplementing with 400 mg of mangesium glycinate (available at drugstores) right before bed.”This promotes GABA secretion in the brain,”he explain.”which helps the body relax”.


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