Wake Up Beautiful!

A new low-cost, no effort way to reverse aging: Wear beauty patches while you sleep! They adhere to skin to deliver anti aging ingredients throughout the night. That’s when skin cells are in repair mode, so you get the most benefit from the nutrients. Find the best patch for you!


Age spots?ss

To fade bothersome brown spots on the face, chest or hands, pick a patch with niacinamide (vitamin B3).The nutrient increases cell turnover to reveal clear skin underneath, plus blocks the pigment producing enzyme tyrosinase to prevent new spots from forming, explains dermatologist Dhaval G. Bhanusali, M.D., who treats celebrities in his New York City office. To do: Apply patches to spots nightly for a more even complexion in two weeks.

FIRST pick: Patchology PowerPatch Dark Spot Corrector, $60, Patchology.com


Dark under-eye bags?as

Excess water and blood tend to pool in the hollow areas beneath our eyes as we sleep, leading to that dark, puffy appearance come morning. Dr. Bhanusali’s solution? A gel patch infused with prickly pear seed oil and cucumber extract. The extract’s caffeic acid flushes fluids to shrink bags while the oil’s vitamin K increases blood circulation to reduce shadows. Plus, vitamin K can help smooth wrinkles. To do: Place one patch under each eye before bed up to three times a week.

FIRST pick: Musely Bye Bye Bye Bags Hydrogel Mask, $4, Musely.com


Crepey decolletage?we

Decades of sun exposure and a decline in collagen production as we age can cause the delicate skin on the chest and neck to take on a creased, crepe paper-like appearance. Dr Bhanusali explains, ”Those deep-set lines can be made even more prominent by night-time habits like sleeping on your side.” The good news?  A recent study revealed that wearing a silicon patch on the chest overnight can help increase collagen production for firmer skin. ”It also creates a barrier that limits water loss from the skin, drawing hydration to the surface to help diminish the appearance of existing wrinkles,” adds Dr. Bhanusali. Plus, the patch pulls skin taut to occur as you sleep. To do: Apply to the chest area nightly for a smoother, younger-looking decolletage within 30 days.

FIRST pick: Wrinkles Schminkles Chest & Decollatage Smooting Kit, $30, Dermstore.com





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