LBS in 9 Days!

The fastest way to lose weight!

Our nutrition team followed Dr.Berg’s guidelines to create this special version of his plan for you to try.Portions listed help ensure you’re getting the right proportions of carbs,fat and protein for optimal weight loss.If you need more food to feel satisfied,simply increase portions of foods that are high in fat with moderate protein (such as eggs,cheese,fatty fish and meat.)
While using this plan,be sure to drink plenty of water.Add other ultra-low carb beverages and extras (coffee,tea,spices,vinegar,zero-carb sweetener)as dsired.For more meal ideas and tips,check out always,get a docrotr’s okay to try any new plan.

Your Low-Carb Meal Choices

(Use meal,Schedule,left,To Determine how many pocks to make each day)

Option 1: 

Creamy Coconut Shake: in blender,blitz 3/5 cup full-fat coconut milk,1/4 cup whole milk,2 Tbs frozen berries,1/4 cup zero-carb protein powder,2 Tbs,MCT oil or 1/4 avodcados, 1 tsp vanilla extract,ice cubes,few drops liquid stevia.

Option 2: 

3 eggs,2 Tbs cheese unlimited chopped veggies fried in butter 3 slices bacon.

Option 3: 

Dr.Berg’s Famous Tacos Salad: In small bowl,mix 1/3 mashed avocado with 2 Tbs.each chopped tomato and red onions,1 tsp lime juice and 1/2 tsp salt.Serve with 4 oz browned ground beef,1/4 cup each cheese and sour cream over 2 cups lettuce.
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Option 4: 

Cheesy Tuna Casserole: Saute 1 cup shredded cabbage and 1 cup chopped cauliflower  in 2 tbs,olive oil,5-7 minutes;stir in 4 oz.drained tuna. and 3 tbs,cream: pour into small baking dish,top with 2 oz,shredded mozzarella,Bake at 350 F , 15-20 mins.

Option 5: 

4 oz,pan-seared salmon or steak over 2 cups baby spinach,1/4 cup sliced peppers and red onion,3 oz.feta cheese ,8 large alives,2 dressing.

Option 6: 

Shortcut Pizza: Top storebought cauliflower pizza crust (such as Trader Joe’s brand) with 1/2 cup no-sugar-added tomato sauce,3/4 cup mozzarella cheese,3oz,pepperoni,1/2 cup sliced mushrooms,Bake according to package directions,Serves 2-3.

Option 7:

Fried Chicken Tenders: Dredge 4oz,chicken breast tenders first in beaten egg and then in coconut flour and nex in crushed pork rinds,Fry in 2-3 Tbs.safflower oil,until 165 F internal temperature,about 5-6 minutes. Dipping sauce: mix 1/4 cup mayo,1/4 mashed avocado,1/4 tsp,chilli flakes,1 tsp lime juice and 1/8 tsp,garlic powder 1 serving.Green Bean Fries.recipe.left.

Your Meal Schedule

There’s no snacking on nay day,so be sure to eat enough at each sitting to hold you over.

Days 1-3: Eat three meals a day,about four houres,between sittings,such as 10 a,m and 2 p.m…6 p.m

Days 4-6:  Eat brunch around 1 p,m and have an early dinner around 6 p.m

Days 7-9: Eat brunch around 3 p.m and have a green smoothies (recipe,below) for dinner no later than 6 p.m

Dr Berg’s Green Smoothie!
Fill a blender with frozen kale,almond to the top: add 1 cup of berries,then fill with filtered water:blend for 4 minutes Makes 1 large serving.

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