4 Essential Vitamins and Supplements Starting with A


What is it?  
Widely promoted around the U.S as a superfood,Acai is a reddish-purple berry that comes from the acai palm tree,native to Central and South American it is extremly rich in antioxidants.People use it for their skin,to lower cholesterol,and to boost weight loss,although the research results have been mixed.
Where Can You Get it? 
The berries can be found in most supermarkets and,as supplements,in most pharmacies.
How Much is Enough? 
There’s no set dosage for the berries-if you’re taking an extract,follow the label instructions.
Any Concerns? 
The berries are safe:not enough research has been done to determine the side effects and risks of extracts.


What is it?
This amino acid can help with blood pressure and other heart conditions.The body uses it to make proteins.
Where Can You Get.
Where Can You Get it? 
Arginine can be found in meat,soy,whole grains,beans and Dairy products.
How much is Enough?
While there’s no standard dose,studies suggest 2 to 3 grams,three times a day,may make sense.
Any Concerns?
There are a few side effects.such as nausea,crampa,diarrhea,allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.Also,if you have a medical condition-heart issues,cancer,liver or kidney problems,a bleeding disorder,for example don’t take arginine without talking to a doctor first.


What is it?
Typically in get form,aloe comes from a cactuslike plant that grows in hot,dry climates.it’s most commonly used as an aintment for burns,sun damage and skin abrasions.But recent studies suggest it can also help with weight loss,if taken orally,Loaded with antioxidants,aloe is soothing to the digestive tract,accroding to some research.
Where Can You Get it? 
The gel is widely availabe in pharmacies,convenience stores and supermarkets.
How Much is Enough?
For sunburns aloe twice a day for six weeks is recommended.For weight loss,some people have taken 147 milligrams (mg),twice a day,for eight weeks.
Any Concerns?
High doses of aloe orally may cause side effects such as diarhhea,kidney problems,potassium loss,blood in urine,heart issues or muscle weakness.The plant may be unsafe for pregnant women and children under 12.

You can grow aloe vera at home and use the gel from the leaves.


What is it? 
This herb or small shrub is actually in the legume family,While there isn’s a lot of research on astragalus,some studies suggest it seems to stimulate the immune system and may help control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.
Where Can You Get it ? 
Most drugstores,in pill form or dried leaves.
The research isn’t clear,but it typically comes in 500mg capsules.Follow the label directions.
Any Concerns?
it stimulate the immune system,so people with autoimmune conditions should avoid this herb.


There are actually 3,000 plants in the genus Astrogalus.

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