Diabetic Neuropathies on the Rise

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage caused by diabete.The most common symptoms are tingling.numbness or pain in the hands,arms,feet and legs.But there are other less common types of diabetic neuropathy.and a new study finds that two rare types of diabetic neuropathy–small fiber neuropathy and automic neuropathy–are on the rise in the United States.
Both occur when diabetes damages the small blood vessels taht supple the nerves.When that happens,the nerves begin to die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.In small fiber neuropathy,the damaged nerves are the ones that control,sensations of pain and temperature.People who have this condition often feel pain in their feet—a pain that eventually moves up their legs or develops in their hands.Automatic neuropathy commonly affects involuntary body function,urination and sweat.it also affects blood pressure,which means that its most common symptom is lightheadedness.especially when one stands up.According to Divpreet Kaur,MD,a neurologist at Penn State Health Milton S.Harshey Medical Center.”The blood pressure drops so much when they stand up that they feel like they are going to pass out.”
These two neuropathies are uncommon,so patients don’t know about them or aren’t able to recognize the symptoms.Kaur explains that not everyone with these symptoms necessarily has diabetic neuropathy,but anyone with diabetes or prediabetes who does experience them should tell their doctor.Once other causes have been ruled out.patients “can be referred to the neuromuscular clinic for consultation or to the autonomic labaratory for further testing.”

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