Essential Nutrients are Carbohydrates,Protein,Fat,Vitamins,Minerals and Water

When you eat foods with fat-cooking oils,avocados,coconut,meat-you get fat-soluable vitamins.The bile in your small intestine breaks down the fats and absorbs the nutrients.They then bind with proteins and get put to use doing things like helping build bone,protecting your eyes and assisting the body in abosrbing other nutrients.


Any leftover fat-soluable vitamins.and it’s easier for these vitamins to build up to your body-potentially,toxic levels.All other vitamins are water soluable-they arrive in your system from the fluid portions of the foods you eat-especially produce(which contains a lot of liquid).They’are much easier to absorb,going straight from your digestive system into the bloodstream.Your kidneys monitor your levels of water -soluable vitamins and flush out any excess.This group of vitamins helps your body process energy from food and assist in the construction of proteins.They’re also key to absorbing minerals.
Although most people believe any excess water-soluable vitamins are immediately flushed away,some are actually stored for a while,Vitamin B12 can stack up in your liver for years,though most of the rest will clear your system after-a most-a handful of days,which is why you have to eat those fruits and veggies everyday.Minerals also come in two categories-macro and trace.This distinction is pretty basic-you  need only tiny amounts of trace minerals,so they’re pretty easy to get:macrominerals you need more of,Macromineralsincludecalcium,phosphorus,magnesium,sodium,phosphorus,magnesium,sodium,potassium,chloride and sulfur.The trace minerals are iron.manganese,copper,iodine,zinc,cobalt,flouride and selenium,Some are quickly absorbed into the blood stream in the same way water-soluable vitamins are: others-calcium,for example-require help from other nutrients to reach your blood stream.Your body relies on minerals to keep your fluids balanced,and to replenish cells for your their,nails,skin and skeleton. With supplement,it’s so easy to focus on treating illness and boosting energy that we forget the daily feats of wonder nutrients achieve-such as:

Your Metabolism

This is the process in your body that burns all the calories,and it involves digestion,energy,cell-The B vitamin are crucial to keeping to the Mayo Clinic.They assist in converting carbs,protein and fat into energy.with a big assist from minerals such as magnesium.

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Your Bones

This is where the minerals in your diet can rally shine.You know about calcium and bones,of course,but magnesium and phosphorus also assist in the production of new bone in addition to warding off fractures and osteoporosis.Vitamins like D nad K also come into play, because they help convert minerals into a substance the body can absorb.

Your Heart

While the nutrients that support metabolism also keep your heart humming,there are essential vitamins and minerals that can protect you from heart disease as well.Vitamins A,C and E function as antioxidants,which can calm inflammation.Vitamin B3 can help lower cholesterol,and minerals like calcium,magnesium and potassium can keep blood pressure in check.All of which helps explain why a diet that includes plenty of produce is recommend for your heart.

Your Life and Fertility

Without the right nutrients,you not will be unlikely to conceive but could also lose interest in sex altogether.Men need minerals zinc to produce viable sperm and remain sexually  active.Women planning on becoming pregnant need folic acid to protect the baby from birth defects.And both genders rely on vitamins C,E and B12 and the minerals selenium to be in tip-top reproductive health.All of this is a gentle reminder to make sure you stay up on your intake for all nutrients.

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