The Dangers of the Corner Vitamin Shop

These stores seem so inviting. The staff is helpful,and the hope hey sell is compelling: pills for your problems,powders for your muscles,herbs for your ailments,But proceed with cautin Supplements are loosely regulated,and all kind of unpleasant surprises turn up in seeminly innocent pills all the time.


A study from the U.S Food and Drug Administration found that many of the weight-loss and workout supplement contained chemicals similar to amphetamine-a serious and potentially dangerous  supplement in another troubling case,a multistate outbreak of liver disease was traced to a fat-burning supplement sold at a nationwide vitamin-store chain,Unfortunately dietary supplements account for nearly 20 percent of drug-related liver injures in the emergency room,according to the CDC.If you want to be safe,don’t be swayed by the friendly staff’s compelling sales pitch.Talk with your doctor about what you might need and consider getting tested for any potential shortfalls in nutrients.

As you can see the Post “Should You Get Your Nutrient Checked”

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