Apple & Orange (Vitamin C)

Depending on the type of apple, the taste will range from sweet to tart or sour. For juicing purposes choose eating apples, not cooking or crab apples. Apples are available all year round, making them ideal as a base juice to which other juices can be added. Apple juice oxidizes quickly to a brown colour but a little lemon juice will slow down this process. af

Some classic juice combination are apple and cranberry, apple and blackcurrant, and apple and carrot. While it may seem that choosing sweet apples is best, sharper tasting eating varieties are often better, as juicing concentrates the sweetness. They also balance out sweeter ingredients-for instance, sharp green apples work well to counterbalance the flavour of intensely sweet watermelon.



These are generally sweet, although some have a sharper flavour than others. Always choose eating oranges for juicing; Seville (Temple) oranges are too bitter. Blood oranges are sweeter than regular oranges and produce a lovely ruby-red juice.

Oranges are often used to make a base juice which other juices can be added. To tone down the sweetness of orange juice, add grapefruit juice or dilute with water. Orange juice goes well with most other juices, particulary carrot, and can make a good base for smoothies too.


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