General Health

Juices help to bring a healthy glow to your skin,a sparkle to your eyes and a glossy sheen to your hair,as well as putting a spring in your step.
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Fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C,such as citrus fruits.strawberries,blackcurrants,green(bell) peppers and to build collagen for general skin add these intake of vitamin C has also been proven to prevent the damage that leads to cataracts forming in the lens of the eye.To help alleiviate the symptoms of eczema,try adding a tablespoon of flax seed oil to your blends each day you can help to emulsify it into the blend by adding a teaspoon of lecithin.
Eyes need betacarotene to maintain good health.and this antioxidant can be derived in large quantities from such ingredients as blueberries and spinach  Watercress is rich in sulphur,which helps with the healthy growth of hair and nails.while cucumbers and courgettes (zucchini) are also great for healthy nails.

Grapes have long been used as a traditional rest-cure,but if you want to boost your energy levels,pears,bananas,yams and sweet potatoes are all good choices to add to your blends try them first thing in the morning to kick start your system. Betacarotene-rich fruit and vegetables,such as apricots,carrots,cantaloupe melons,red peppers,squashes and spinach help to protect the skin against sum damage.

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