Mental and Nervous Health

A balanced mood part on a balanced diet.The saying”You are what you eat” is equally applicable to mental health as it is to physical health.

If you are feeling lethargic,tump and dandelion are traditional nerve tonics.while beans also stimulate the nerovus system.On the other hand,if you are feeling tense,celery can have a truly restful effect,while lettuce juice has a sodative action on helps to promote sleep.Oatmeal is another traditional calming remedy.

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Lavender is thought to reduce headaches,try making a tisane with a few lavender spikes and adding it to a juice.Fennel is also a traditional remedy for headaches.

Nervous eczema can be a recurrent problem for same people when they’re not feeling 100 per cent.This can sometimes be relieved with small quantities of potato are helped  by a good intake of B-vitamins which are found in wheatgerm,brewer’s yeast,yogurt vegetable extract,molasses,peanut butter,oranges and other citrus fruits.sweet potatoes and broccoli

Anti-stress nutrients that help to support the adrenal glands.which produce stress hormones,are magnesium found in green leafy vegetables.nuts and seeds,B-vitamins and vitamin- C.found in blackcurants,citrus fruit,strawberries.Brussels sprouts and peppers.

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