Reproductive and Sexual Health


The health of the next generation depends upon healthy parents. It is now recognized that both parents should ensure that they are in optimum health before conception. This can cause problems, because many women do not realize they are pregnant until a number of weeks after they have conceived, yet the very early stages of pregnancy are the most important for the development of a healthy baby.


For men, zinc is essential for healthy sperm and can be found in nuts and seeds. For women, folic acid is vital preconceptually and in the first trimester. It is used to help from the baby’s cells, and there is now a proven link between folic acid deficiency and the incidence of neural tube defects in babies, such as spina bifida. Folic acid can be found in green leafy vegetables and in citrus fruit.

For older generation, a slagging libido may be revitalized by adding warming ginger and ginseng to juices or blends. Women with perimenopausal symptoms can try adding 50-90/ 2-3 1/2 oz silken totu or 300ml/ 1/2 pint/ 1 1/4 cups soya milk to drinks on a daily basis for their valuable phytoestrogens, as these mimic the action of the female hormone oestrogen.

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