Culinary Herbs

They are so familiar in our everyday cuisine,it is easy to forget that culinary herbs have important health properties.Most fresh herbs go well with vegetable juices: they should be put through a juicer with hard ingredients so the machine does not.become clogged up.Alternatively,they can be steeped in the juice,but don’t wait  to long to drink it or the value of the juices nutrients will begin to decrease.Fresh herbs can also be finely chopped  and added as a garnish Mint and Lemon balm work very well with fruit juices.Lavender Flowers.borage and fresh rosemary may also be used in some fruit blends.

Above: if possible,pick fresh mint from your garden for the best flavour.

Basil Fresh basil has a pungent. peppery flavour and a sweet is known as a soporific herb because it is very relaxing,Put it through a juicer,followed by a hard vegetable,or crush the leaves using a mortar and pestle.Alternatively,make a tisane with hot water and add this to a juice or blend.

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Mint There are many varieties of this profilic herb,which is also a potent digestive aid,Flavours vary but all mints have a strong,sweet aroma and cool aftertaste.Make a tisane and use it to dilute juices.

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Left : Basil can either be juiced or used as a tasty garnish

Right: Dill works well with carrot juice and aids digestion.

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