Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Mulberries


Generally sweet but with a sharp undertone, strawberries are at their best and sweetest when perfectly ripe. Wild strawberries are much smaller than cultivated strawberries and have an intense, delicious flavour, but they are generally too expensive to blend unless you are lucky enough to have your own supply. Buy brightly colored, plump berries and do not wash them until you are ready to use them.

dgf  Raspberries are a delicate berry so handle them with care, giving them just a light rinse, if necessary. They are more tart tasting than strawberries and they add a deeper reddish color than the light pinky color than strawberries give. Try a classic strawberry milkshake or a raspberry and peach smoothie to sample these fruits at their best.

Blackberries arrive later in the summer season than other berries, usually just as autumn is approaching. They grow wild in the countryside in abundance, but you can also find cultured blackberries in large supermarkets. They are very sweet and juicy when fully ripe.

Mulberries look a bit like blackberries in size and shape but they are less widely available. When ripe, their flavour is sweet but slightly sour and they are less aromatic, than other berries.


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