Sweeteners and Other Flavourings



mkDifferent honeys have varying tastes, depending on which type of pollen bees have gathered. Popular choices are lavender or apple blossom honey, which have a fragrant sweetness. Manuka honey is renowned for its health-promoting properties; it is anti-bacterial, making it ideal for sore throats. Honey should not be fed to children under the age of 12 months as it could cause botulism, a type of food poisoning that can be fatal.



Instead of using table sugar (sucrose) you could use fructose (a totally natural fruit sugar). This has a lower Glycaemic Index (Gl) score than sucrose so can be used in moderation by diabetics. (The Gl is a measure of how fast a carbohydrate enters the blood stream as sugar, the higher the score, the less healthy the carbohydrate.) Fructose is sweeter than table sugar so do not use as a direct substitution in drinks.



This is an irresistible ingredient, whether melted, grated or in powder form.  Dark (bittersweet) chocolate is the best for you at it is rich in iron and antioxidants, but for a milder flavour you should use milk chocolate. For a decadent finish, grate or shave chocolate on top of your smoothie-dark, plain (semisweet), milk or white, whichever you prefer.


Sweets (candies)hj

Try adding sweets to the side of the glass as a decoration that is guaranteed to impress at a kid’s party, or add them to the blender and blend them into the drink. Turkish delight or nougat are good choices, or you could serve a smoothie with an edible swizzle stick in the shape of a chocolate wand.


Cakes and cookies

Brownies or meringues can be crumbled on top of smoothies or added to the blend for texture, and any other cakes or cookies can be used instead if they complement the drink you are serving. Amaretti provide a lovely almond accent, for example, which would be delicious with strawberry, apricot or peach-based blends, or try crunchy coconut macaroons sprinkled on top of a tropical fruit blend.


Blackstrap Molasses                            ko

During the refining of sugar, the juice squeezed from the cane or beet is boiled until syrup and the the sugar crystals are extracted. There are three boilings, resulting the light molasses, then dark and finally blackstrap molasses, which is thick, dark and rather bitter. It is a rich source of calcium, iron and magnesium but only a little should be used.

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