Pod, Shoot and Bulb Vegetables


All of these vegetables need to be put through a juicer. They all produce fairly strong tasting juices which should be combined with other vegetables. Pods and bulbs share the common trait that they, along with seeds, are potential plants. 

Therapeutic uses

Traditional herbal uses of pod vegetables are as a stimulant for the nervous system, for convalescence, to treat gout and to help support the insulin-producing ability of the pancreas.


Fennel and Celery hu

These two bulb vegetables make very useful juices. Their tastes are fairly strong so they are best added to other juices, such as carrot, apple or pear, at a ratio of about one-fifth fennel or celery to four-fifths other juice.  Fennel tastes of aniseed, and juiced celery, when combined with other juices, does not taste nearly as strong as the raw vegetable. Buy firm, pale green produce for the best flavours.

Therapeutic uses 

The cleansing actions of these two bulb vegetables are similar, and they are excellent for supporting the liver and gall bladder. Celery also has a strong diuretic action and if often used to calm the nervous system, while fennel is used to manage flatulence and nausea.  When combined with carrot juice, fennel is a traditional remedy for failing eyesight. It is also used to ward off headaches and migraines, and some people believe it is helpful in alleviating menstrual and menopausal symptoms.


Beans and Mangetouthn

Choose firm, crisp beans-choices include broad (fava), runner and French (green) beans. Avoid any that have been pretrimmed or that are going soft. Buying local produce in season is the best option, because out of season beans are usually imported from countries where there might not be any regulations regarding chemical sprays. With the exception of mangetout (snow peas),  beans do not taste great when juiced-you will want to        mix them with other vegetables.


Onions and Leeksol

All onions, including shallots, spring onions (scallions) and even red (Italian) onions, produce strong tasting juices. You only need to add a tiny quantity to a general vegetable juice. Leek juice is not as strong as onion juice but has a similar taste.

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