Vegetable Fruits

Pumpkin and Butter Squash

Both of these squashes produce a juice with a surprisingly sweet and nutty taste,but it is not a juice that you would want to drink on its own.Mix one-quarter pumpkin or squash juice with three-quarters other vegetable juice,such as carrot or cucumber,along with something else to give it a bit of a zing – perhaps a bit of onion.

Therapeutic uses Be sure to include some of the pips in the juice as they are high in zinc and iron.As with all the vegetables in this family they have a kidney-supporting and anti-water-retention action and are also powerhouse of carotenoid antioxidants.

Cucumber and Courgette

When juiced.all cucumbers are mild and tasty,although small cucumbers have the best flavour,ideal for using as a base juice,they mix well with both vegetables and fruit.Courgettes (zucchini) are similar to cucumbers when juiced,but not quite as sweet.
Theurapeutic uses The nutrients of cucumbers and courgettes are mainly concentrated in the skin,which is why you should leave it o.if this is too bitter,experiment with peeling half the skin.These vegetables have a strong diuretic action and help to lower high blood pressure.They support healthy hair and nail growth,and also help relieve the symptoms of rheumatism.

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